Susan G. Komen – Bake for the Cure

Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls!

As you probably know by now, I have had a baking blog ( for a little over a year now as a weekly “hobby”… using the term hobby loosely bc I hope to one day turn it into a real life bakery!

Anyways, a little over a week ago I submitted my blog to be considered to be a part of a contest put on by (best place to find recipes!) to benefit the Susan G. Komen foundation. I found out a few days ago thatthey selected along with about 14 other baking blogs!!! The gist of the contest is that I have to bake/cook 2 recipes a week for three weeks starting next Monday, October 4th and whichever blogger gets the most comments on his/her blog posts each week wins.

Bake For The Cure Logo Susan G. Komen   Bake for the Cure

This is where YOU come in. If you wouldn’t mind taking about 5 minutes a week to comment and spread the word to any of your friends and family, I would greatly appreciate it!!!

All you have to do is click and comment on each post for the next 3 weeks!

Thank you very much in advance for helping out with a wonderful cause and the contest!

Much love,

Pint-Size Baker :-)

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  1. Angela says:

    Best of luck to you!!! xo

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