Sprinkles Cupcakes – A Review

Well hello there! Where have you been all my life?

Okay, so maybe I have been the one MIA as of late and I have no good excuse other than simply being busy. However, amidst my busy-ness I got to try a notorious cupcakery that all of the stars rave about: SPRINKLES CUPCAKES.

IMG 1766 300x225 Sprinkles Cupcakes   A Review

Sprinkles Cupcakes has recently opened a location in Chicago, and while there for a wedding this past weekend, I got the opportunity to stop in and give it a try!

You know how people say you eat with your eyes first? Well, cupcakes aside, the store itself is perfectly pleasing on the eyes. From the clean lines to earth-toned walls and display cases that allow the punches of color in the cupcakes and products stand out, it was just so simply cute! One can’t help but getting at least two cupcakes to try. (Seriously, everyone that walked in got at least two as if it were a crime to buy less.)

IMG 1770 225x300 Sprinkles Cupcakes   A Review

Sprinkles varies which cupcakes they offer by day of the week, with a few staples like Red Velvet offered every day. I decided to give a staple and a daily special a try: Red Velvet and Banana with White Frosting.

IMG 1767 300x225 Sprinkles Cupcakes   A Review

First up was the Banana. The cake part was incredible. It was moist and banana-y without being overly sweet. The frosting was a tad on the sweet side for my liking though. When eaten together with the cake part, it tended to overpower the banana.

IMG 1769 300x225 Sprinkles Cupcakes   A Review

Next was Red Velvet. The cake was a brilliant shade of deep red, true to its origins and the frosting was just sinful. While I still prefer my twist on this recipe for Red Velvet cake and cream cheese frosting, Sprinkles did not disappoint!

IMG 1768 300x225 Sprinkles Cupcakes   A Review

If you’re lucky enough to be near Sprinkles Cupcakes, stop in and give a couple of their menu items a try. You won’t be disappointed. My only regret is not purchasing a few more options to sample!

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