Popovers – Take 2!

Well hello there! Fancy meeting you here. ;-)

Let’s close our eyes for a minute. [Insert dream sequence here.]

Imagine the most amazing, buttery, slightly salty, doughy and crunchy dinner roll. How it’s soft to chew but has a slight hint of cheesy-goodness. With each bite, you want more and more.

[End dream sequence.]

That imaginary most perfect dinner roll is actually real, and I have been on a quest to perfect the recipe ever since my taste buds were introduced to it two months ago.

Popovers are things of legends. Most people don’t serve them, let alone attempt to bake them. However, after BLT Steak served them to us at dinner one night, I had NO choice but to attempt to recreate their masterpiece.

Now, what I forgot to mention was that when our server at BLT Steak delivered the buttery Popovers to our table, she also brought the recipe for them. As soon as the table discovered the recipe, all heads turned to me and without words, I knew what my task would be.

The first attempt ended up flat and dense. However, I used a muffin pan instead of a TRUE popover pan.

For the second attempt, my boyfriend surprised me and bought a real pan [However, we can only keep it at his house. Thus, he's holding all future popovers hostage.]

Picture 19 Popovers   Take 2!

Let’s get to work. Prep was easy so no need for pictures. (The recipe only has 5 ingredients.)

First step is to slowly heat the milk over the stove. While it’s heating, whisk the eggs until frothy.

IMG 1994 1024x768 Popovers   Take 2!

Then sift the flour and salt together in a separate bowl, and slowly combine the milk in the frothy eggs while it’s still warm (the milk that is; not the eggs).

IMG 1995 1024x768 Popovers   Take 2!

Then slowly combine the flour into the egg-milk mixture, pour into the popover pan, and top with parmesan cheese (the recipe calls for gruyere but parmesan is WAY better).

Bake in the oven at 350 for 45 minutes.

IMG 1997 1024x768 Popovers   Take 2!

Then pull them out and enjoy!

IMG 1998 1024x768 Popovers   Take 2!

I realize these didn’t pop up fully. It made me cry a little inside, as the recipe is still not perfect. HOWEVER! I have a sneaky suspicion that the restaurant didn’t give us the REAL recipe. So try #3 is going to be modified a little by my own baking knowledge. Stay tuned to see what happens!


Popover Recipe (makes 6)

2 cups flour

4 eggs

2 cups milk (warmed over low heat)

3/4 tbsps salt

1.25 cups grated parmesan cheese (distributed evenly among 6 popovers)

***Instructions will come when this recipe is perfected.***

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4 Responses to Popovers – Take 2!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Your boyfriend is one lucky dude!

  2. I found this page through Adam Rifkin’s @ifindkarma2 test Twitter page and I am sooooooooooo hungry now. :-) Gorgeous photos! XX

  3. Adrienne says:

    So I think you should guest blog on mine. I need more followers and since I do a fair amount of cooking, a baking post would be awesome for my readers!

  4. NWFoodie says:

    From the picture, it looks like you didn’t actually whisk the eggs till they were “frothy.” Forthy means foamy, and I would think that would be the key to making the popovers rise as much as they’re supposed to.

    Also, I don’t know if this might have anything to do with it, but just about every popover recipe I’ve ever seen starts with a really high oven temperature for the first few minutes — over 400 degrees — and then reduces it to something lower than 350. I’ve been told it’s that initial high temp that creates the huge air bubble in the middle that is so characteristic of popovers.

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