Pint-Size Baker-versary!

Well folks, I am excited to say that it has officially been a year since I started this blog!!! (Technically September 12th was one year, but we won’t tell, will we?)

IMG 1524 768x1024 Pint Size Baker versary!

It was also my parents’ 32nd wedding anniversary on September 9th. Look how sweet and in love they are:

IMG 1522 225x300 Pint Size Baker versary!

True to fashion, I did a little baking myself to celebrate the Pint-Size Baker one year bloggerversary!

IMG 1529 768x1024 Pint Size Baker versary!

[Grandma's Lasagna with some Pint-Size Baker tweaks]

IMG 1530 768x1024 Pint Size Baker versary![Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes that we indulged in after a loooooong walk to counteract the calories... or so we told ourselves it did.]

This was the first time that I cooked for the man in my life and it went off without a hitch! (Well, excluding the burnt thumb that occurred as a result of grabbed the pan holding the lava cakes.)

Thank you to my friends and family for allowing me to make them my guinea pigs when it comes to trying new recipes. I know your waist lines are thanking me right back. ;-)

ALSO,  a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who continues to check in each week and read and comment on my baking adventures. I have a feeling the best are yet to come!

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2 Responses to Pint-Size Baker-versary!

  1. Jillian says:

    Yum yum! What a sweet thing for you to do for your parents anniversary!

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