Oatmeal Cookies

I love the smell of repeat customers in the morning (or afternoon… or whenever you’re reading this)!

This week’s baking adventure was performed by special request from my very best customer. So far, I have made Snickerdoodles, Banana Bread, Strawberry Pie, and my Top Secret Chocolate Chip Cookies for him… I think that might also make him Pint Size Baker’s biggest fan? (If anyone would like to fight him for this namesake, I will gladly add you to the client list so you may become a contender!)

This particular “client” of mine isn’t a fan of things such as nuts or raisins added to his baked goods. [Reference: Banana Bread] So he gave me the challenge of making an amazing Oatmeal Cookie that could stand all by itself without the flavor help of raisins.

Thankfully, I had stumbled across a recipe some time ago on The Pioneer Woman’s website for something she calls “Oatmeal Crispies“. The recipe looked simple yet flavorful enough, so I decided to give it a try while changing a few things to suit the flavor palette of said client.

Just a forewarning, my pictures won’t be as lovely as they are on The Pioneer Woman’s website, BUT they do the trick.

OATMEAL COOKIES (minus the raisins)

First things first, per usual. PREP.

IMG 13441 1024x768 Oatmeal CookiesAfter prepping the ingredients, it’s time to get down to business…

And by business I mean, scooping out my least favorite ingredient to deal with.

IMG 1345 768x1024 Oatmeal Cookies

Yes, you read it. Shortening is my nemesis, but not because of what you’re thinking. I could care less about the fat content or the health-effects of this particular ingredient. My disdain lies in the sheer fact that it’s impossible to clean whatever utensil you use to scoop it out with. You might as well be working with motor oil… Alas, however, shortening does make for an amazingly delicious result in whatever recipe you use it in and my disdain stops at the cleaning.

First step in the Oatmeal Cookie making process is to combine the sugars and shortening.

IMG 1346 1024x768 Oatmeal Cookies

Then mix together until creamy. Once again, I used “my spoon and my bowl”. Call it stubbornness or laziness, but I refuse to use the hand mixer unless absolutely necessary, like for frosting.

IMG 1348 1024x768 Oatmeal Cookies

Next whisk the eggs and stir in the vanilla in a separate bowl.

IMG 1349 1024x768 Oatmeal Cookies

Then pour into sugar/shortening mixture and stir until well-combined.

IMG 1350 1024x768 Oatmeal Cookies

Once the wet ingredients are all smooth, add in the dry ingredients (flour, salt, baking soda and a secret touch that won’t be named) until completely blended.

Next, it’s time to add the most important ingredient. OATMEAL. I mean what would OATMEAL COOKIES be without oatmeal? I’m not sure the answer to this question, but I don’t want to find out either.

IMG 1351 1024x768 Oatmeal Cookies

[Not sure what it is, but there's something about this picture that I just love. Perhaps it's the combination of unhealthy ingredients with a healthy ingredient that, in my head, cancels out any unhealthiness in the final product.]

Once the oatmeal is fully incorporated in the batter, the recipe says to roll half of the batter in wax paper and either save for later in the freezer or slice and bake now. I decided to just go ahead and omit the whole wax paper step and scoop tablespoon sized drops onto my “cookie sheets” and bake immediately.

IMG 1352 1024x768 Oatmeal Cookies

This is one of those recipes that is beyond difficult to wait to cool before attempting to eat. And as luck would have it when removing the cookies from the sheet, one happened to “break”. I can’t give a customer a broken cookie but also can’t let it go to waste… so I ate it.

IMG 1354 1024x768 Oatmeal Cookies

Ok, maybe I ate two. Shhhhhh….

IMG 1356 1024x768 Oatmeal Cookies

I delivered the cookies the next morning to my faithful customer to rave reviews. He even shared with the other guys at Starbucks! Something tells me I’ll be making these again sometime soon.

Until next time folks! (Which will be soon because I have another baking adventure already done. I just have to blog about it. *slaps head for procrastinating*)

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