Healthy Brownies

Wow, time has absolutely FLOWN! I can’t believe it has been three weeks since my last baking blog post. Terribly sorry to leave you all hanging! However, it has been an uber busy past few weeks including a move, a holiday, and taking a chance to go after a dream! There was baking and cooking to be had though!

Below is a little picture slideshow of what I’ve been up to the past few weeks:

btn Healthy Brownies

Baking adventure #11 was inspired by a conversation with my best friend who decided to rub it in my face that she made oogey gooey chocolate brownies and they were all of the way in Orlando… aka NO BROWNIES FOR YOU [spoken in the Soup Nazi accent from Seinfeld]. This was just cruel so one night this past week I decided to look up brownie recipes and utilize the ingredients already in my cabinets. After glancing through a few options, I opted to bake a recipe pulled from by way It looked quite simple AND no trip to the grocery was needed.

After gathering all ingredients and going to town on baking them, I realized my two biggest concerns had been met! The brownies were in fact SUPER EASY to make and I got to remain in the comfort of my own home since it was cold and wet outside. However, there was one concern I forgot to take into consideration: Will the brownies be indulgent enough to satisfy my craving???

 Healthy Brownies

These, unfortunately, were not. While they were certainly healthy, smelled delicious, and not over sweet, they were a bit rubbery and “healthy”-tasting. [Insert pouty lip here]

 Healthy Brownies
[Please pardon the plating...]

I would not bake these again BUT if you’re one of those health-nuts who has a slight sweet tooth, these brownies would be PERFECT for you!

Stay tuned… another baking adventure is coming right up from today!

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