Grandma’s Goo Balls

Okay, so I realize it’s been just shy of a month since my last post BUT you didn’t want multiple posts on the same cookie recipe did you???

I didn’t think so.

So it was only fitting to wait for a new recipe deserving of you and your glorious taste buds. This week’s baking adventure came from the lady who sparked my curiosity in baking at the tender age of three…

My grandma.

Grandma was one of the greatest cooks and bakers out there. [Yes, I realize everyone THINKS his/her grandma was the best, but I'm here to tell you that I don't THINK. I KNOW my grandma was the best.]

This particular recipe brings some major nostalgia to every member of my family from my grandpa down to the grand children. I hope to continue the tradition for her as she rests in peace with our Almighty Father.

Before there were Oreo Cakesters, there were these. I present to you…


The recipe for these, much like the name, has many variations, but grandma’s is the very best… [Did I mention Grandma was a great baker?]

IMG 1830 1024x768 Grandmas Goo Balls

Anyways, the first step is to combine the dry ingredients: flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, baking powder, salt.

Open your arch-nemesis, Crisco… or maybe it’s just mine?

IMG 1831 1024x768 Grandmas Goo Balls

And cream together the wet ingredients: Crisco, Sugar, Vanilla, and an egg.

IMG 1832 1024x768 Grandmas Goo Balls

Then slowly incorporate the buttermilk until fully combined.

IMG 1833 1024x768 Grandmas Goo Balls

Once combined, add in 1/3 of the dry ingredients [see above], making sure to mix fully between each addition, until batter is thick and smooth.

IMG 1834 1024x768 Grandmas Goo Balls

Spoon out tablespoon size balls of batter onto a greased (or wax paper-lined) baking sheet (or pizza pans in my case), and bake at 400 degrees 5-8 minutes until puffy.

IMG 1835 1024x768 Grandmas Goo Balls

Remove from oven and let cool.

IMG 1837 1024x768 Grandmas Goo Balls

While the cake cookies (this is what we’ll call them from here on out since grandma didn’t name them and that’s what they appear to be and because this is a great run-on sentence and my best friend is probably cringing right now; hi Meredith!)…

Where was I? Oh yea. While the cake cookies cool, it’s time to make the “goo” otherwise known as crisco-marshmallow goodness.

Whip together crisco, marshmallow creme, powdered sugar, a dash of salt, and some water until light and fluffy.

IMG 1836 1024x768 Grandmas Goo Balls

Once the cake cookies are mostly cooled, place two of about the same size in your hand.

IMG 1839 768x1024 Grandmas Goo Balls

Place the “goo” on one side.

IMG 1840 768x1024 Grandmas Goo Balls

And top with the other side.

IMG 1838 1024x768 Grandmas Goo Balls

Repeat process with the rest of the cake cookies and “goo” until all of the “goo” is gone.

IMG 1844 768x1024 Grandmas Goo Balls

Place neatly on a serving plate and leave sitting on the counter to surprise your dad when he comes down the next morning for breakfast. :-)

IMG 1843 1024x768 Grandmas Goo Balls

There you have it! Yum. Yum! Sorry again for the delay. Fear not though, another post is coming shortly, as I have varied my Peppermint Bark recipe in order to appeal to more masses!

Until next time folks! I bid you adieu!

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2 Responses to Grandma’s Goo Balls

  1. Renee Perry says:

    I have very fond memories of eating these when I was little at their house in Ohio on summer vacations! YUMMY! Thanks for the recipe and the nostalgia!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Welcome back Ashley!

    I hope you had a very Merry Christmas.

    And here’s to a Happy New Year!

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