Gooey Fudge Brownies

Happy [insert day you're visiting this blog post here]!!!

This weekend was a great one!!! It included celebrating my sister’s birthday, some errand running, a little laundry (quite exhilarating), meeting up with a [relatively] new friend and…

wait for it…

wait for it…

BAKING!!!… WOOHOO! Didn’t guess that was coming, did you?

This week’s baking adventure came as a result of the request of multiple people over the last few weeks. However, the timing came about, as one of the requesters (my sister) has a birthday coming up and was craving something sweet [This NEVER happens]. Which leads us to this week’s baking adventure…


This week I decided to do something a little different and make a non-live, non-Ustream video so that I could take a stab my very FIRST [emphasizing this for a reason b/c if it's terrible, we can chalk it up to lack of experience] self-taught video editing. Please check out all 9 minutes and 59 seconds of Pint-Size baking glory and let me know what you think!

Alright, I know I promised to post the recipe here, but since I haven’t quite gotten it perfected yet, it wouldn’t be right to post it just yet. BUT I promise to post it in the near future! Just have to make a couple of alterations and adjust the cook time and we should be good to go!

In the meantime, here’s a picture of the brownies 48 hrs after they were made…

 Gooey Fudge Brownies
[Or what was left of them anyway. Hehe]

Thanks again for watching!!! Until next time… Pint-Size Baker OUT!

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One Response to Gooey Fudge Brownies

  1. missie says:

    brownies! Do you know the way to a girls heart or what!! Love ‘Em

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