Gameday Cookie Cake

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Usually that phrase goes along with Christmas, just like the song says… However, I have taken the liberty of extending the “most wonderful time of the year” from September 1 – New Year’s Day.

Why has the start date been extended you ask? It’s college football season of course! However, if you’re not a college football fan, then I don’t expect you to understand and thus, we can leave the start date at Halloween.

To commemorate the start of this wondrous season, it is only appropriate that I contribute a little Pint-Size Baker flare to show my team spirit!

Now, before I reveal the Gameday Cookie Cake, I do have to inform you that while I fully support and cheer on the team it was made for, my heart and soul belongs to the University of Notre Dame Fighting Irish. GOLD AND BLUE THROUGH AND THROUGH.

Alright, now that we’ve established where my allegiance lies, I can now reveal the progression of the decoration of the Auburn University Gameday Cookie Cake…

BUT WAIT! Before the big reveal, I must show you my new favorite baking tool:

IMG 1477 225x300 Gameday Cookie Cake

[A Flour Sifter given to me by my boyfriend's sweet mother! This thing works like a charm at sifting and lightening flour. I can't wait to try this baby out the next time I make a cake!]

Alright, time for what you’ve been waiting for…


IMG 1478 1024x768 Gameday Cookie CakeIMG 1479 1024x768 Gameday Cookie CakeIMG 1480 1024x768 Gameday Cookie CakeIMG 1481 1024x768 Gameday Cookie CakeIMG 1486 1024x768 Gameday Cookie CakeIMG 1490 1024x768 Gameday Cookie CakeIMG 1491 1024x768 Gameday Cookie Cake

WAR EAGLE!!! (and GO IRISH!) or WDE! as some Auburn folks might say… ;-)

Whomever your team is, hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Labor Day weekend!

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