A Tale of Two Cookie Doughs

Have you ever heard of the Cookie Monster? Sure you have. (Unless your parents deprived you as a child from watching Sesame Street, which, if that’s the case, let me tell you how to get, how to get to Sesame Street…)

cookie monster A Tale of Two Cookie Doughs

Anyways, back to where I was heading with that question… I bet you didn’t know the Cookie Monster has an older brother, did you? Yep! His name is the Cookie DOUGH Monster and he looks a little something like this:

IMG 0557 225x300 A Tale of Two Cookie Doughs

The Cookie Dough Monster almost always senses when I’m making my special Chocolate Chip Cookies and sneaks at least one spoon full of cookie dough, if not more. And lately, this seems to be a weekly occurrence as there have been many reasons to justify cookie baking lately! (See Cookie Cake)

Last night was no different.

Upon returning home from a trip to see my grandmother and delivering her some chocolate chip cookies (One of which she chucked across the room and tried to shoot a basket in the trash can, so apparently they double as basket balls???), I decided I would make a batch of chocolate chip cookies for some police friends of ours, as well as a batch of Oatmeal Cookies as a surprise for my boyfriend.

I made the chocolate chip cookie batter first and began baking the first batch in the oven. While those were baking and the rest of the chocolate chip cookie dough was sitting out on the counter, I began prepping the Oatmeal Cookie batter.

The very first step is to cream the vegetable shortening with the two sugars.

I stopped there because the first batch of chocolate chip cookies were just about done baking and turned my back to check on them in the oven.

[Insert Jaws music here]

Next thing I knew, my dad swooped in behind me and took a big spoonful of the the cookie dough which I instructed him not to do!

However, upon glancing further and hearing him shout “OH. MY. GOSH. What is that???” I realized he didn’t in fact eat the chocolate chip cookie dough like I had assumed. He had a big ol’ mouthful of the vegetable shortening and sugar mixture!

Needless to say, much laughter followed by myself and he took a big swig of milk to swallow it down. Then I got to use a phrase he always said growing up to us kids: “That’ll learn ya, dearn ya!” He promised to never do it again…

Which I won’t hold my breath for.

It has been a busy past couple of weeks and it’s not looking to slow down all fall! It’s the most wonderful time of year I tell ya. :-) Amid all of this craziness though, I have gotten to try a new adventure which I’ve never made in my entire life. When I tell you what it is, you will probably be shocked but my mom never let us make these growing up. She said they were TOO messy to make and it would be TOO hard to clean the pan afterwards…

IMG 1534 1024x768 A Tale of Two Cookie Doughs

Yes, RICE KRISPIE TREATS, and I’m here to tell you that the cleanup was possibly the easiest I’ve had so far. Thanks to my wonderful helper while making these scrumptious treats — they turned out so yummy! My only complaint is that I let my helper take them to school and didn’t steal a couple for myself to take to work. Oh well, next time! ;-)

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